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Photos credit: Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios

Smile Correction

A new crown and two veneers used to align the incisors and correct a slightly Ďlopsidedí smile.

Smile Transformed

A smile disfigured by old stained fillings Ė transformed by a new filling and two nice ceramic crowns.

Upper Front Teeth

Smile spoilt by a poor crown and a visible root at the gum margin. Appearance restored with a high quality replacement crown.

Space Closure

Patient unhappy with a gappy smile. Confidence regained by the use of four ceramic crowns to redistribute the space.

Missing tooth

Front tooth lost in an accident. Smile restored using a modern implant to support a highly aesthetic crown, avoiding the need to wear a denture

Spot the crown

An outstanding example of technical artistic skill in matching an artificial crown to adjacent natural teeth in an 84 year old patient.